Some cosplayers use coscards like business cards. Your fans can learn where they can find new photos and info from his favorite cosplayer, sometimes you share a bit of yourselve, and finally, there is eventually a nice photo. Everything of above on a piece of paper, usually of different formats.

Cosmangracraft.com brings a collectible edition of coscards in a form you probably have never seen before!




Universal size

The cards are of a common 63x88 size, the size usual for collectible cards like Magic: The Gathering or Pokémon. Thanks to it, they can be stored in normally available sleeves or binders.


Exclusive surface finish

What makes the cards attractive at the first sight is the use of a special foil and lamination. A rainbow foil allows for shiny effect of bright colors, making the front photo look truly awesome. A thin laminated layer emphasize the colors even more and above all, protects the card surface and makes the card itself more durable.


Limited printing

We print the cards in limited numbers as rare collectible items - 200 pcs per cosplayer only!





Still have some questions about cards?

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