Game playmats and mouse pads

Many cosplayers already offer their own posters and prints. But what about something special and useful? We introduce customize playmats both for tabletop and computer games in two sizes - 35*61 cm and 20*24 cm. Thick rubber core protects table surface from dice rolling. Super-wide mat to fit both keyboard & mouse, smooth fabric surface protects gaming cards & accessories during play. Useful as present or special merchandise for your fans. We make them from amount of 1 pc, so every playmat can be unique! Purchase price from 8 EUR. Interested? Contact us for details!




Bussiness cards with foil finish

Have you shown your coscards to your photographers? Do they envy you your cards? They do not have to! We admire they work too and we will be happy to provide them the same service as we do for you. The business card can make a good impression and therefore offer the opportunity to have truly unusual and delightful business cards. Share this offer with your photographers and let them to contact us if they are interested!





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